Doñana wines

Since 2001

The fragility of the ecosystems of Doñana, and the proximity of the agricultural fields to the protected areas, make the traditional cultivation of the vineyard the only agrarian alternative that preserves the ecosystems of this Protected Natural Area.

The farmers of the Doñana vineyard cultivate 100% of the vines in the Doñana Biosphere Reserve, using traditional methods, which contribute to the Doñana Natural Space with climate regulation, erosion control, contribution to soil formation and contribution of habitats for species among others.

The manual harvesting of the grapes at the optimum moment of maturation, and the centuries-old tradition in the elaboration of wines, which using the most current methods of fermentation and cold conservation; They make our wines unique in the world, where they are born and how they are made.

The study of the autochthonous variety Zalema, its optimal time of harvest and cold treatment and conservation, as well as the evaluation of its organoleptic characteristics in the nose and mouth, has allowed us to produce, year after year, a balanced and round white wine, irresistible to a wide range of consumers.

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